Advanced RF Detector: Detect Wireless Eavesdroppers, Trackers, and Radiation in Car or Office

K68 RF Detector Instructions

Detect whether wireless eavesdroppers or trackers are installed in your car or office. Detect whether there is the roof base station radiation around working environment and residential buildings Detect the wireless network signals, mobile phone base stations and wireless monitoring system Whether household appliances such as microwave ovens leak electromagnetic radiation harmful to human bodies.

Detection Mode

K68 is a professional multi-function RF signal bug detector, with a higher sensitivity and adjustable threshold than most similar products. It can detect CDMA signals, as well as GSM(DCS), WCDMA and Bluetooth wireless transmissions. It also has a stopwatch LED display screen that can help you time your sweeps.

It can easily detect wired and wireless hidden cameras, GPS trackers and other error signal transmission devices. It can also detect electromagnetic radiation harmful to human health from household appliances like microwave ovens. It can be used in offices, cars, bathrooms, locker rooms and other environments where privacy is required.

The detector can be set to work in a silent mode by pressing the button on the right side of the device. A vibrate option is also available for those who are hard of hearing or when operating in a confidential environment. The detection range can be adjusted by using the potentiometer to increase or decrease sensitivity and expand or reduce the detection area.

Power Supply

This multi function detectable pin hole camera and wireless products (Hidden GPS Tracker) detector has a built in 1200mA rechargeable battery. Its operation time can be up to 6 hours for lens detection and 10 hours for RF detection. It is easy to operate and is a portable solution unit. It can effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping and fraud. It can also protect personal privacy data and information confidential. It is suitable for office, factory, important workshop and research room, hotel guest rooms, changing room, business negotiation venues or as a monitor for school examinations. Enhanced version: improved sensitivity, adjustable threshold and larger range of detection frequency.

Detection Area

This is a professional radio detection device with high sensitivity, adjustable threshold and large range of frequency detection. It can detect RF signals, magnetic fields and electrical sources. It also features a magnitude detection function that protects you and your family from electromagnetic radiation. It was the first to adopt digital acceptance mode, which not only broadens the scanning frequency, but also effectively avoids signal clutter everywhere in life.

It can be used to detect wireless eavesdroppers, trackers and other bugs. It can also help to find whether your car or office is equipped with a GPS tracking eavesdropper, if there is roof base station radiation in residential buildings, and even whether your cellphone is abnormal?transmitting when in standby mode without a reason.

Unlike other detectors, it can detect both analog and digital signals and can even identify CDMA mobile phone protocol bugs. Its sensitivity can be adjusted by using the potentiometer. It is small, easy to use and has a powerful signal strength indicator.

Detection Threshold

The operating bandwidth and power level threshold of RF detectors determine the scope of their suitability for detection of wireless spy devices. The Lanmda, Skynet, Mini Gadgets and Comenzi RF detectors evaluated in this study have varying operating bandwidths and power level threshold performances over different frequencies tested.

The k-68 rf detector has high sensitivity,adjustable threshold and large range of frequency detection, can detect the positioner with mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, 2G, 3G, 4G cards and 1.2G, 2.4G camera etc, effectively prevent eavesdropping, videotaping, fraud and protect privacy. It can also detect radiation source amplitude, effectively protect you and your family from electromagnetic pollution.

The k-68 rf detector is a professional wave detection device, with a powerful signal processing chip and advanced digital acceptance model. It can be used to detect various market eavesdropping products, car trackers, cell phone infiltration software, hidden wireless pinhole cameras and surveillance cameras, casino fraud devices and others.

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